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Where To Next With COVID-19 Handling Coronavirus within the events industry.

Monday, 04 October 2021

With the advent with COVID and the constant shutdown, cancellation and postponement of events, the next steps will need to be done.

With the arts, conference and events industries taking a major hit over the past few years due to the Coronavirus, talks are underway with how to deal with running events in person again and at scale that is effective for the actual event to run.

Based on international travel, people are either needing to be tested before travel and quarantined for longer or prove that they have had an approved COVID-19 vaccination.

With international travel, the vaccination passport to enable travellers to start moving around the world. The main question whether this will be the same for the events industry.

Within the events industry, mainly around whether to allow vaccinated people special treatment and exclude people that are not vaccinated. This however comes in two parts; the patrons attending the event and the staff, speakers, entertainers and people running the event.

From a business OH&S standpoint, anyone that is at risk will most likely will have to be fully vaccinated and vetted before the event is run, while it would be most likely preferred that all patrons attending adhere to the terms and conditions of the event. This would be contract tracing and could possibly also be included to be partially or fully vaccinated and having some sort of vaccination passport show upon entry.

In the end you will need to follow government guidelines and advise when events are again allowed to run in person.

Note: This information will be updated to reflect the ongoing changes to the industry.

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