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Postpone or Continue With Your Event Postpone or not to Postpone, that is the question?

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Decisions that are needed to be done and the best way to assess that if your event either should be cancelled, postponed or to continue.

Things to consider;

  • Costs involved in both setting up and running the event
  • Managing the actual event
  • Extra steps your event is required to complete due to any restrictions in place
  • Health and safety of patrons and staff

The actual ability to carry out the event with the information based on the above, if the event is no longer feasible then it's best to either postpone or cancel the actual event.

Postpone or Cancel the Event:

Advise all guests / patrons attending that this has occurred and provide the appropriate messaging around the both the cancellation / postponement and any refund processes that they need to follow or that you will provide.

Proceeding with the Event:

Providing as much information as possible to help inform the public and patrons of the current situation of the event.

Let people know if they are queuing that they may be waiting for a while or that the venue is at capacity and no more will be able to gain entry.

Advise social media that you have reached capacity and no longer can allow any more people into the venue.

Have a first in first served and have a wait list and have some details to contact them if any space is available (however advise them of the possible wait times to gain entry into the event).

Having these steps will assist with your decision making process and managing your event.

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