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After The Event

Sunday, 21 July 2019

What to complete after your event. Listen, implement and improve.

Once the event is finished, it is necessary to ensure that a de-brief meeting isconducted to allow any problems during the event is addressed and noted.

Generally this is done right after the event or the next day. Time is critical as this allows your team to recall and identify problems over the duration of the event. Thispart allows for process improvements of managing the team and the actual eventeffectively over the duration or for future events.

This allows staff to provide feedback on what needs to be improved and what also worked well. Don't get right into the heavy detail around what didn't work, however make sure that you cover off exactly the problems and if this was resolved and how.

Example of this is how to handle customer if ticket does not scan and who to go to or what steps to do to resolve the ticket not scanning.

Make sure you thank everyone for their hard work and for their time for the de-briefing session.

Ensure to put in place any changes that are required from the feedback from this session. This includes that you either add this into a overall planning document or a checklist if needed, otherwise add this to apart of a daily briefing document for staff over the event's duration.

With this information gathered from your team, ensure to implement the changes from the de-briefing session. Your team will enjoy the event more due to everyone encountering less problems and friction points (during the event) and in turn ensures that everyone enjoys attending the event.

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