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about us at ticketworks

Providing online ticketing services for small and unique to large scale events, covering both new and existing to well established events and venues.

We are an online ticketing platform that provides a service for event organisers ranging from small and unique businesses and events up to large corporate enterprises.

Providing event ticketing and customised solutions for all different types of events, festivals, theatres and businesses, ticketworks provides online ticketing technology allowing organisers to focus on delivering the actual event to the public.

As technology changes fast and your needs change, we can update any aspect of our system to cater to your needs now and into the future. All the software used is web based and is hosted as a Software as a Service (SaaS) allowing you to benefit from any changes without having to install any software and keeping it up to date.

With years of experience in assisting and overseeing events, ticketworks can assist your business with ticketing your events.

Sign up now and start ticketing your event or email us today to find out and see how we can provide online ticketing services so you can focus on running your event.