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Terms of Service for ticketworks

Last Updated on November, 2 2020.

Conditions set out by ticketworks on visiting and using our service

  1. Introduction

    The terms outlined below cover using our website and related services. The Terms of Service relate to how the website (“service”) is utilised and persons or services using a user login (“user”) are all subject to the terms of service below (“terms”).

  2. Copyright Notice

    ticketworks content and associated brand is under copyright along with the the ticketworks registered trademark. All content created by any user is subject to copyright under them, however use is given for ticketworks to allow ongoing usage of the copyrighted material licensed by the author.

  3. Licence to use Website

    Use is given to utilise the service in an acceptable manner for the purposes of both purchasing and selling services associated with the website.

  4. Acceptable Use

    Our term of what would be considered acceptable use would be utilising the website how a normal human would do and would not be subjected any malicious damage either by human or other. This also extends to any associated services contained within the site for the purposes of purchasing or selling utilising the site.

  5. Use on Behalf of Organisation

    Acting on behalf of an organisation / business are still treated as one entity under the business and is also subject to the terms outlined along with other terms that have been agreed to when signing up or logging into the service by default.

  6. Registration and Accounts

    It is your responsibility to ensure that both the registration and information contained within the account. These must at all times be secured.

  7. User IDs and Passwords

    It is your responsibility to ensure that both the registration and information contained within the account. These must at all times be secured.

  8. Cancellation and Suspension of Account

    Based on content and unacceptable usage of the website can result in cancellation or further action given to the related parties. Reasons can be as a result of non compliant content and or other material that would be deemed not suitable will then be subject to other enforcement policies by ticketworks.

  9. Report Abuse

    Any abuse in relation to the usage of the service must be reported as soon as possible. Any person / user utilising the service outlined in a manner not considered by ticketworks as appropriate usage will then be suspended, further subject to other enforcement policies by ticketworks.

  10. Limited Warranties

    In utilising and also accessing our service you agree that ticketworks is not held liable and limits all liabilities and including legal fees in relation to our service in any clam that our service has damaged or any loss.

  11. Breaches of these Terms and Conditions

    Any user considered that has breached utilising our service will be suspended, with any business / organisation with any funds, will be withheld from them to then be considered for review of the next steps.

  12. Third Party Websites

    Any links and material that relate to outside the service are not covered by us and we hold no liability over the links.

  13. Trademarks

    ticketworks and associated logos and imagery are owned by ticketworks and are registered as trademarks under Australian law. Other logos associated by other parties are registered with them under their jurisdiction.

  14. Third Party Rights

    Third parties have a right to request material under their copyright to be subject to further requests for checking that the usage of their material is valid and can be reviewed for removal based on third parties validating that they hold copyright over the material being used.

  15. Entire Agreement

    The terms outlined are part of an agreement between related parties utilising our service.

  16. Law and Jurisdiction

    ticketworks is under Australian Law under the State of Victoria. However this service does not cover any business / organisation that utilises our services in a way that will harm or be considered as breaching laws within their jurisdiction that they sell or purchase using our service.

  17. Statutory and Regulatory Disclosures

  18. Our Details

    PO Box 32,
    St Kilda, VIC, 3182